slowly, then all at once

You've got the words to change a nation, why you biting your tongue?

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Anonymous asked: I'm not hating lol I just think it's weird, cool like I don't see it often lol but that's cool. you probably feel comfortable with your body and that's great! you're fabulous ❤️

It’s not even that. I thought the lighting was good and it’s one of the very few selfies I actually like of me. But for some reason people on here, though a lot of them speak of equality and body positivity, have been giving me hate and calling me things such as slut and white because of it.
So thank you for not being an asshole x

Anonymous asked: ARE YOU NUDE IN UR ICON

Oh my god I get asked this so much.
Yes I’m naked. Can you see anything? No. Why do I get hate for this? I don’t fucking know


Even the most powerful people have downfalls where they don’t see a way out.  Princes and Princesses, Heroes and Heroines, and people just like you and me… we all just have those points where you just want to fall down on your knees and cry because you don’t know what else to do.  But look up there.  Look at all of them.  Cinderella goes from prisoner to princess.  Jasmine changes her entire country’s law.  Belle transformed someone’s entire being through courage.  Hercules became a god.  Simba became a King.  Rapunzel fulfilled her dream.  Tiana did what others said she couldn’t do.  Ariel found true love.  and Wendy.. even though she grew up, she did what she had to do and kept Peter alive for her children and for generations to come.  All of those people up there did something incredible.  They rose from their ashes and so will you.  All you have to do is believe.